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Arctic Zone


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The arctic zone is specially in the summer a very impressive area: 24 hours of daylight over a blooming landscape, where you meet animals like polar bears, polar foxes, seals, whales and a numerous variety of birds during your journey.


Spitsbergen - A very special experience


Spitsbergen offers a varied landscape - the pointed mountains in the west, up to 1700m high, Tundrazone, glaciers, which flow into the sea, and Fjords, which steeply part the ground.

Only during the three summer months the arctic zone could be explored by ship. Between June and September the climat on the westcoast is rather mild, temperatures up to 10-12 °C are possible when the sun shines.

On board the


"Professor Molchanov"



we visit the living space of walruses, polar bears, seals, polar foxes and birds. Relics of the whaling stations and coalmines, huts of trappers in an impressive landscape will also be visited. The exact trip always depends on the weather- and ice-conditions and will lead us from Longyearbean along the westcoast up to the nord and even round the archipel. Also Bearisland in the south could be seen sometimes.


Diving at Spitsbergen

Divespots will be reached by zodiac, departing from the "Professor Molchanov". Often the dive starts from land, sometimes from zodiac. In the pack ice we deposit the zodiac on a suitable ice floe, the divers go beside the ice floe with the current. Depending on the pack ice zone we go further north or not, the divesites have already reached over 81° of latitude. Beside the marvellouse adventure of drifting beside the iceflow and watching the bizarre forms of the underwater ice, we see a very lively and rich of kelp underwater world at our dives. Many small animals are hidden in the kelpwoods, where there is a lot to explore. The sight under water is normally very clear and wide.




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