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Adventure Polar Sea



Diving in Greenland - the right adventure for uncomplicated divers, looking for something different and special.


We explore the most beautiful spots of a magnificent nature and enjoy the arctic spirit, 300 km north the Polar circle

Though Greenland or Kallaliit Nunaat (Land of people) is a very rough and original country, it is also a country with civilization on our kind. Greenland is the biggest island in the world, 85% of the land is covered with ice. Civilization and vegetation is only found on the small parts of land along most parts of the coast.

On the west coast there is Disko Bay with Ilulissat, which was the center for our diving trips during the past few years. The next diving trip will take place from 31. August - 11. September 2006 and will bring us to the eastcoast of Greenland. We will fly via Reykjavik in Iceland to Kulusuk/Ammassalik in Greenland.

Far away from any usual divecenter and its lots of people, noise and busyness there is this very special diving environment where the diver and its own material is the center point. The equipment has to be brought by each diver, tanks and lead will be provided. We dive in buddy teams, each diver is responsible for its own equipment and guids his dive himself. Information about the diving area will be provided. All this promises an individual and exciting diving event, where a very lifely and colourful underwater world can be explored, walls and ground rich of kelp in which a lot of small animals look for protection: snails, crabs and cancers. Starfishes in all shades of red, sea cucumbers, sea urchins are all over the ground. Yellow and red anemones live between the rocks which are coverd with a violet algae that gives you the impression of a reef. Gurnards and other typical fish can be watched.

Of corse there is the unique adventure of diving close to an iceberg, not the huge ones which are very dangerous to come near, but the smaller ones stuck on the ground, flattend into the water, so the breaking and turning of the icebergs and accidents can be prevented. The surface of the ice is full of small notches because of the movement of the water and the turning of the iceberg. The sun reflecting on the ice causes a sparkling and flickering light under water.

The minimum of participants is 3 divers per trip.


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